Undergraduate Research - Fall / Spring

Undergraduate students at the University of Georgia can gain experience as independent researchers working in the laboratories of Chemistry Department faculty members during the fall and spring semesters.

the Fall / spring program is not available to students outside of UGA.  However, a special Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity (SURO) program has been created specifically for non-UGA students.


Courses and Course Credit

Students who are engaged in this research program can get course credit by enrolling in one of the following courses:


Getting Started in the Research Program

Students interested in participation in the program should follow theese steps:

  • Select an area of study.  The Research Divisions of our Department are described here: (https://www.chem.uga.edu/research)
  • Read about the work being performed by various faculty members in the area(s) you selected in the prior step.
  • Send an introductory email to the faculty member you have chosen.  Provide some basic information about yourself, explain your interest in the research being performed, and ask any questions that you have.
  • The faculty member will contact you and discuss the possibility of joining his/her research team.  You may be invited for an interview, or to take a tour of the lab facilities.
  • Once you are accepted into the laboratory of a specific faculty member, you will need to fill out a Course Credit form, and obtain signatures from the faculty member and your advisor. 


Center for Undergraduate Opportunities (CURO)

Students can also participate in the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (http://curo.uga.edu/students/curo_research_assistantship.html) program. Interested students should come up with a short research proposal and fill out the application with their advisor.


Current Students