Friday, April 6, 2018 - 10:51am
Dr. John Maier

The Chemistry Department's alumni Weekend will be April 27 and 28, 2018.  The weekend begins with tours of the department during the day on the 27th, followed by the Alumni Lecture that afternoon at 4:00 and then the dinner that evening (drinks at 6:00; food at 7:00; awards at 7:45).  The Chemistry Golf Scramble will be at 12:30 on Saturday the 28th at the UGA Golf Course.  You can contact Ms. Hannah David (; 706-542-1919) for more information or to reserve a place.

The 2018 Alumni lecture will be presented by Prof. John P. Maier from the University of Basel in Switzerland.  Professor Maier is an internationally known expert in the spectroscopy of radicals, ions, carbon clusters, and interstellar molecules.  Prof. Maier has held the position of Chair of Physical Chemistry at the University of Basel since 1992.  He has won many international honors and awards for his work, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society, London in 1999.  He and his research group garnered international acclaim in July 2015 when they measured the laboratory UV-VIS spectrum of the C60 ("Buckyball") cation at high-resolution for the first time and demonstrated that it matches two previously unassigned interstellar lines (Nature 523, 322(2015)).  This confirmed the long-held belief that fullerenes are present in interstellar space.