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Ramaraja Ramasamy

Blurred image of a green laser used as background for stylistic purposes.
Research Interests:

We study fundamental electrochemical problems through nanoscale science and technology. Our primary focus is on electrochemical energy conversion, but focus areas also include biosensors and bio-nanomaterials. Research in our lab is highly interdisciplinary and overlaps with material science, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology and analytical chemistry. Please see our lab website ( page for more information.

Selected Publications:

Book Chapters

‘Scanning electrochemical microscopy for biological fuel cell characterization’, R.P. Ramasamy, Chapter 16 in the book: Enzymatic Fuel Cells: From Fundamentals to Applications, Edited by H.R. Luckarift, P.B. Atanassov and G.R. Johnson, John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2014.

‘Proton exchange membrane fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies’, R.P. Ramasamy, Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources, Vol 2, Chapter 227, 787-805, Elsevier Scientific, UK, (2009).


Refereed Journals Articles

‘Three dimensional carbon nanosheets as novel catalyst support for enzymatic bioelectrodes’, Y. Umasankar, D.B. Brooks, B. Brown, Z. Zhou and R.P. Ramasamy, Advanced Energy Materials, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201301306, (2013).

‘Highly sensitive electrochemical detection of methyl salicylate using electroactive gold nanoparticles’, Y. Umasankar and R.P. Ramasamy, Analyst. 138, 21, 6623-6631, (2013).

‘Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for microbial fuel cell characterization’, N. Sekar and R.P. Ramasamy, J. Microbial and Biochemical Technology, accepted on 11 July 2013, JMBT-13-2, (2013).

‘On the bio-electrocatalytic activity of tyrosinase for oxygen reduction reaction’, Y. Umasankar and R.P. Ramasamy, Catalysis Science and Technology, 3, 2546-2549 (2013).  

‘High photo-electrochemical activity of thylakoid-carbon nanotube composites for photosynthetic energy conversion’, J.O. Calkins, Y. Umasankar and R.P. Ramasamy, Energy and Environmental Science, 6, 1891-1900, (2013).

‘Riboflavin production by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in response to electron donor limitation’, J. Roy, C. Lau, A. Falase, P. Chellamuthu, R. Ramasamy, R. Gadhamshetty, G. Wagner, Y. Gorby, K. Nealson, O. Bretschger, G.R. Johnson and P. Atanassov, RSC Advances, 2, 10020-10027 (2012).

‘Electroanalytical studies on green leaf volatiles for potential sensor development’, Y. Umasankar, G. Rains and R.P. Ramasamy, Analyst, 137, 13, 3138-3145, (2012).

‘Designing Si-based nanowall arrays by dynamic shadowing growth to tailor the performance of Li-ion battery anodes’, Y. He, B. Yang, K. Yang, C. Brown, R.P. Ramasamy, H. Wang, C. Lundgren and Y. Zhao, J.  Materials Chemistry, 22, 8294-8303, (2012).

‘Design of carbon nanotube based gas diffusion electrode for O2 reduction by multi-copper oxidase’, C. Lau, E.R. Adkins, R.P. Ramasamy, H.R. Luckarift, G.R. Johnson and P. Atanassov, Advanced Energy Materials, 2, 162-168, (2012).

‘Kinetic and mechanistic parameters of laccase catalyzed direct electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction’, N.S. Parimi, Y. Umasankar, P. Atanassov and R.P. Ramasamy, ACS Catalysis, 2, 1, 38-44, (2012).

‘Time-course correlation of biofilm properties and electrochemical performance in single chamber microbial fuel cells’, Z. Ren, R.P. Ramasamy, S. Redcloud-Owen, M. Mench and J. Regan, Bioresource Technology, 102, 1, 416-421, (2011).

‘High electrocatalytic activity of tethered multicopper oxidase-carbon nanotube conjugates’, R.P. Ramasamy, H.R. Luckarift, D. Ivnitski, P. Atanassov and G.R. Johnson, Chemical Communications, 46, 33, 6045-6047, (2010).

‘Impedance spectroscopy as a tool for non-intrusive detection of extracellular mediators in microbial fuel cells’, R.P. Ramasamy, V. Gadhamshetty, L.J. Nadeau and G.R. Johnson, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 104, 5, 882-891, (2009).

‘Impact of initial biofilm growth on the anode impedance of microbial fuel cells’, R.P. Ramasamy, Z. Ren, M.M. Mench and J. Regan, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 101, 1, 101-108, (2008).

‘Characteristic behavior of polymer electrolyte fuel cells during cold start’, C. Chacko, R.P. Ramasamy, S. Kim, M. Khandelwal and M. M. Mench, J. Electrochemical Society, 155, 11, B1145-B1154, (2008).

‘Investigation of macro and micro porous layer interaction in polymer electrolyte fuel cells’, R.P. Ramasamy, E.C. Kumbur, W. Liu, D. Moore, M. Murthy and M.M. Mench, International J. Hydrogen Energy, 33, 3351-3367, (2008).

‘Effect of water on the electrochemical oxidation of gas phase SO2 in a PEM electrolyzer for H2 production’, J. Staser, R.P. Ramasamy, P. Sivasubramanian and J.W. Weidner, Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 10, 11, E17-E19, (2007).

‘Electrochemical H2 production from thermo chemical cycles using PEM electrolyzer’, P. Sivasubramanian, R.P. Ramasamy, F. Freire, C. Holland and J. Weidner, International J. Hydrogen Energy, 32, 4, 463-468 (2007).

‘Simulation of capacity loss in carbon electrode for Li-ion cells during storage’, R.P. Ramasamy, J. Lee and B.N. Popov, J. Power Sources, 166, 1, 266-272, (2007).

‘Discharge characteristics of silver vanadium oxide cathodes’, R.P. Ramasamy, C. Feger, T. Strange and B.N. Popov, J. Applied. Electrochemistry, 36, 4, 487-497, (2006).

‘Calendar life performance of pouch lithium ion cells’, R.P. Ramasamy, R.E. White and B.N. Popov, J. Power Sources, 141, 2, 298-306, (2005).

‘Electrochemical characterization of polypyrrole/Co0.2CrOx composite as cathode material for lithium ion batteries’, R.P. Ramasamy, B. Veeraraghavan, B. Haran and B. Popov, J. Power Sources, 124, 1, 197-203, (2003).

‘Synthesis, characterization and cycling performance of novel chromium oxide cathode materials for lithium batteries’, R.P. Ramasamy, P. Ramadass, B. Haran and B. Popov, J. Power Sources, 124, 1, 155-162, (2003).

‘Comparison of ion selectivity’s of prussian blue and nickel hexacyanoferrates, R. Ramaraja pandian, J. Joseph and H. Gomathi, Current Titles in Electrochemistry, Feb (2002).


Refereed Proceedings

‘Catalytic activity of tyrosinase for potential biofuel cell application’, Y. Umasankar and R.P. Ramasamy, ECS Transactions, Biological Fuel Cells 5, (2012).

 ‘Effect of biofilm properties on the electrochemical performance of microbial fuel cells’, R.P. Ramasamy, S. R. Cloud, Z. Ren, J. Regan, M. Mench, ECS Transactions, Biological Fuel Cells 3, 13, 21, 11-17 (2008).

‘Microbial fuel cells for waste water treatment’, R.P. Ramasamy, Z. Ren, M. Mench and J. Regan, ECS Transactions, Battery – Energy Technology, 11, 32, 115-125 (2008).

‘Freeze-induced damage and purge based mitigation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells’, S. Kim, C. Chacko, R.P. Ramasamy and M.M. Mench, ECS Transactions, PEMFC VII – Part 1, 11, 1, 577-586 (2007).

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