Transferring in General and Organic Chemistry Courses

Students are eligible to transfer in credits from other colleges and universities dependent on the following criteria. Please note that to transfer in credit, students must have an equivalent of 3 hours of lecture credit and 1 hour of lab credit for each course they are attempting to transfer in to UGA.

Transferring in Courses for Direct Credit:

* Students that transfer in credit from other Universities and Colleges may notice that their Chemistry credit is an elective (i.e. CHEM 1GXX). UGA only directly accepts credit from other University System of Georgia institutions. More information on institutions in the USG can be found here:

* For students transferring in credit from a non-USG institution, a transfer exam is required to get credit. The American Chemical Society has a standardized exam for each General and Organic Chemistry course. These exams are comprised of 70 multiple-choice questions. To get transfer credit, students must correctly answer 35 questions out of the 70. This will allow the credit change from an elective to a direct Chemistry course that counts toward degree requirements. Exams are free of charge and last approximately two hours. You get one chance to transfer in each Chemistry course taken at another institution. 

Transferring in Credit for Area II:

* For non-science majors looking to fill an “Area II: Physical Science with a lab” requirement, students should email a course description and a copy of their syllabus to Please include all relevant information pertaining to your degree, your student ID number, and clearly note from where you are transferring.

Transferring in Upper Level Courses

Please direct any upper level Chemistry transfer questions to Dr. Gary Douberly (, Undergraduate Coordinator for the Chemistry Department.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact:

Chemistry Undergraduate Administrator

Chemistry Room 601