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133 Riverbend North
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PhD Texas A&M University, College Station

MS Texas A&M University, College Station 

BS University of Central Florida, Orlando


Research Interests:

The Rotavera group focuses on the discovery of reaction mechanisms of advanced biofuels. One of the goals of our research program is to uncover the links between the molecular structure motifs of biofuels to reaction mechanisms that are relevant to combustion and atmospheric chemistry; namely, chain-reactions involved in ignition and reaction pathways leading to pollutant formation. Gas-phase experiments are conducted using thermally initiated flow reactor experiments with GC/MS and absorption spectroscopy, and computationally using chemical kinetics models. Learn more at

Selected Publications:

Influence of Oxygenation in Cyclic Hydrocarbons on Chain-Termination Reactions from R + O2: Tetrahydropyran and Cyclohexane
B. Rotavera, J. D. Savee, I. O. Antonov, R. Caravan L. Sheps, D. L. Osborn, J. Zádor, C. A. Taatjes
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 36, pp. 597 – 606
Publication year: 2017

Pressure-Dependent Competition Among Reaction Pathways from First- and Second-O2 Additions in the Low-Temperature Oxidation of Tetrahydrofuran
I. O. Antonov, J. Zádor, B. Rotavera, E. Papajak, D. L. Osborn, C. A. Taatjes, and L. Sheps
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Vol. 120, pp. 6582 – 6595
Publication year: 2016

Direct Observation and Kinetics of a Hydroperoxyalkyl Radical (QOOH)
J. D. Savee, E. Papajak, B. Rotavera, H. Huang, A. J. Eskola, O. Welz, L. Sheps, C. A. Taatjes, J. Zádor, D. L. Osborn
Science, Vol. 347, No. 6222, pp. 643 – 646
Publication year: 2015

Chemical Kinetics Modeling of n-Nonane Oxidation in Oxygen/Argon using Excited-State Species Time Histories
B. Rotavera, P. Dagaut, E. L. Petersen
Combustion and Flame, Vol. 161, pp. 1146 – 1163
Publication year: 2014