The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) opened in the Spring Quarter of 1994 as an educational resource for undergraduates and faculty. To fulfill this goal, the CLC provides students with a diverse assortment of resource to aid them in their studies. The simplest resource the Center can provide is a quiet place to study alone or as part of a small group. Teaching Assistants (TAs) hold their office hours in the CLC and help answer student questions about class work, lab assignments, or homework and mentor the small group discussions. Computer resources are also made available to students to help them in their studies. Computer tutorials and demonstrations are available that help students cover material in General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry at their own pace. Students in the more advanced classes can use general purpose applications like WordPerfect, Microsoft Excel, and Mathcad to complete course assignments and lab work. Professors have worked to develop special projects that make use of these applications to expand the breadth and depth of topics that can be covered in class.