Parents and family members are proud of their students at UGA.  Secondary school records of students matriculating at UGA are quite impressive.  However, there is considerable agreement that high school grades suffer from increasing grade inflation.  Everyone enrolled in UGA general chemistry classes is equivalent—they all had records that got them accepted here.  Once at UGA, students have varying degrees of success based on their aptitude and work habits in addition to reasons on the affective side—motivation, self-confidence, support infrastructure from family and friends, management of expectations and others.  A natural tendency for some students is to share the blame with someone else, and our program is often the target of outrageous “urban legends”.  We have been accused of having BOTH a 70% withdrawal rate AND a 75% failure rate in the same course.  Our courses are challenging, but we are professionals and are constantly working to improve student success.  We encourage students to meet with their instructor and to utilize suggested strategies or seek help via the Office of Academic Enhancement.  Federal laws (i.e., FERPA) limit what we can discuss with parents.  Testimonials about high school records don’t really provide much tangible help for a student.  Support and understanding are always a big help.

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