Seminar Series:
Prof. Tobin MarksNorthwestern University
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 11:00am
Chemistry, Room 400 - R. Bruce King Lecture

When chemisorbed upon various metal oxide surfaces, the reactivity of many types of organometallic molecules is dramatically enhanced.  High activities for a variety of catalytic hydrocarbon reactions are illustrative consequences of this altered reactivity.  This lecture focuses on intricate non-covalent and covalent multi-center interactions that modulate these catalytic processes, focusing primarily on olefin polymerization.  Specific interrelated topics include: 1) The catalytic chemistry of group 4 catalysts anchored on/activated by oxide surfaces vis-à-vis that in homogeneous solution, 2) Catalytic chemistry and cooperativity effects in homobinuclear group 4 catalysts in homogeneous solution, 3) Catalytic chemistry and cooperativity effects in heterobinuclear groups 4, 6, and 10 catalysts in homogeneous solution, 4) Definitive structural characterization of these catalysts on “super-acidic” surfaces and implications for next-generation homogeneous catalyst design.


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