Dr. Jason Locklin and his team
Tue Jul 5, 2011

A University of Georgia researcher has invented a new technology that can inexpensively render medical linens and clothing, face masks, paper towels—and yes, even diapers, intimate apparel and athletic wear, including smelly socks—permanently germ-free.

Margaret and Richard Morrison
Mon Jun 20, 2011

During the four years that Michelangelo Buonarroti spent painting the frescoes on the ceiling of Rome’s Sistine Chapel, odds are he wasn’t thinking about chemistry. But he certainly knew how science and art came together and what he had to do if he wanted his work to last.

Methylhydroxycarbene Reaction Profile
Mon Jun 13, 2011

New research just published in the journal Science by a team of chemists at the University of Georgia and colleagues in Germany shows for the first time that a mechanism called tunneling control may drive chemical reactions in directions unexpected from traditional theories.

Shanta Dhar and Tinal Salguero
Mon Jun 6, 2011

In an economic climate in which many science departments are struggling to hire new faculty, the Department of Chemistry was able to hire two highly sought-after tenure track faculty members in the field of inorganic chemistry.

Gary Douberly
Wed Feb 23, 2011

As a teenager, Gary Douberly had a knack for taking mechanical things apart and putting them together again. He applied this talent while earning a Ph.D. in chemistry, designing and building instruments to carry out original experiments in laser spectroscopy.

Michael A Duncan
Wed Jan 5, 2011

Michael Duncan, Franklin and Regents’ Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, has been named winner of a top national honor in physical chemistry.