Registration Questions

Can I take the lecture without the lab if one is not available or if the time does not work with my schedule?
I made a “D” in my Chemistry lecture course. Can I still move on and take the next course in the sequence?
I tried to switch my lecture and it dropped both my classes. Now they are full. Can I be readded to the course?
I need to switch lab sections but I don’t want to lose my lecture. Can I do that?
I am trying to add a Chemistry lecture and lab and Athena is giving me an error. What do I do?
How do I get permission to take an honors course?
How do I audit a course?
Who do I contact about Research hours?
My chemistry course (from another institution) is not posted to my transcript. How do I register for a class?
I have a passing grade in a course but would like to retake it to get credit in my major or to get a higher grade. How do I do that?
Do I have to retake the lab if I have already passed the lab?
If I already have lecture credit, can I take just the lab?
What should I take as a review before taking CHEM 1211? It has been awhile since I took chemistry and I don’t remember anything.
Can I take the lecture without the lab if I have AP credit?
Can the Chemistry department just add me into the lecture class that I would like since I have a lab seat?
Is there a waiting list for my chemistry course?
Why does the lecture/lab not add to my schedule when I register? Both are open.
Why are there lecture seats and no lab seats?
Can I have a pre-requisite override for the Fall for a course I am taking over the Summer?