The University of Georgia will accept satisfactory scores on either the TOEFL or IELTS language proficiency examinations for admission to graduate programs. Test scores must be submitted directly from the testing agency.

Minimum TOEFL score requirement: overall score of 80 with at least 20 on speaking and writing

Minimum IELTS score requirement: overall band-width of 6.5, with no single band (score) below 6.0.

Applicants whose primary language is not English must submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores that are not more than two years old. Applicants who have received degrees from accredited institutions in the U.S. or from institutions in countries where English is the primary language (e.g., the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) usually are not required to submit the TOEFL (or IELTS) scores. If such an applicant received the degree more than two years prior to application to the Graduate School and has been residing/working in a country where the primary language is not English, he or she must submit current scores. Students who are currently enrolled and have been enrolled at least one year at a regionally accredited U.S. institution, may have the English language proficiency requirement waived, if their work shows a strong quality of performance. Some departments may require the TOEFL (or IELTS) regardless of previous educational experience.

UGA requires a speaking sub-section score of 26 for international students to be fully qualified as a teaching assistant in undergraduate courses. 

  1. Students with a 23-24 TOEFL iBT speaking score or 6.5-7.0 on the IELTS must complete a 3-credit-hour language and cultural orientation course (LLED 7769). Upon completion of LLED 7769 and with a recommendation from the LLED 7769 instructor:
    • Students with a 23 TOEFL iBT or a 6.5 IELTS score may teach in limited and closely monitored assignments (e.g. laboratory teaching,  graders, language teaching in native language).
    • Students with a 24 TOEFL iBT or a 7.0 IELTS score and an LLED recommendation may be considered for any teaching assignment.
  2. Students with a speaking score of 20-22 TOEFL iBT or below 6.5 IETLS score test must successfully complete a 3-credit-hour language skills course (LLED 7768) before enrolling in LLED 7769 and GRSC 7770 or a departmental equivalent. Such students will need to retake tests and achieve requisite scores to be in compliance with policy.

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